The Importance of Community in the Vegan Movement

Imagine being around others who have as much compassion for innocent and sentient beings as you do… people who have so much passion to take care of this beautiful planet. With the current state of things around us—the terrible fires in Australia and other countries that involve a horrendous loss of life, the floods and other natural disasters, the current biodiversity crisis , the awful wars in various parts of the world and more—community is as important as its ever been, and veganism also has a huge part to play in healing the world.

How about people sharing healthy and cruelty-free recipes? Imagine people recommending vegan stores, brands, and products you need and want.

Imagine being alongside people who speak for those who have no voice—all this and more is the beauty of a vegan community.

Go Vegan

You may already belong to one right now… whether it’s an online community or a small group near your place.

But have you ever thought what would happen if we connect all the vegan communities around the world?

I mean, a connection not just through our love for the animals and the planet but something else… something that would help grow the vegan movement in this economically-driven world.

Something that could bring even big carnist corporations to heel.

Vegan Card

The ultimate purpose of the Vegan Card is to connect vegan communities to heaps of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses in Australia and abroad.

The bearer of the Card is entitled to discounts for the best vegan products, hippest bistros, and online stores.

If you own a Vegan Card, you will get up to 40% discount from all affiliate businesses in the country and abroad. Check out the Vegan Card Directory.

We believe this initiative will keep the vegan movement alive and thriving. We’re excited to gather vegan consumers to support more vegan-friendly businesses—all of them striving to supply the demands of vegan communities.

Through the Vegan Card, we will build an even stronger economy while pointing the spotlight to veganism—creating an even bigger ripple that includes all, especially the animals and the planet.

Vegan Card

Tribalism + its vital role in the human experience

It is important to remember that veganism is not a mere diet; it is not a religion nor a cult. Veganism is a lifestyle.

If you belong to a vegan community, you belong to a tribe—a social network of people advocating for peace and compassion, non-violence towards sentient living beings, and a healthy planet.

This can be such a transformative experience, since most of us are born and raised as omnivores. Therefore, the process can at times be difficult and overwhelming—especially if you’re dealing with different people in and out of your tribe.

However, when you start seeing how veganism can work against violence, serious illnesses, and climate change, you will become more connected to your tribe and to your cause.

As a result, you’ll have the energy to keep supporting the vegan movement.

Veganism is a lifestyle

The importance of supporting each other to get through hard times

Committing to veganism can be daunting, especially when you’re just starting to live the lifestyle. However, I assure you—you will fare well, especially if you get warm and constant support from your tribe—the vegan community.

Now, one of the most difficult truths you might face is that loving and defenseless animals are being tortured and killed every second of the day… for food, clothing, fashion, cosmetics, entertainment and lab experiments.

Plus, the impending threat that the meat, egg, dairy, leather, fur, and fast fashion industries bring to the planet—talking about climate change.

Also, you might find it a little exhausting when you try to send the message of your advocacy across your family and friends—it can be difficult to break years of mindless consumption.

Despite all these challenges, you will become resilient because the vegan community will always be behind you. They will raise your morale by giving you words of wisdom and encouragement. They will keep reminding you that what you live by is for the sake of your health, for the people around you, for the animals, and for the planet.

Moreover, you’ll never run out of yummy recipes and sweet vegan finds because everybody in the community shares their vegan journey—no matter how good or bad! Do some research on the best vegan foods and recipes to share with your community and family.

Make sure you learn about the organizations that seek to support a vegan world as well. For example, Food For Life works to end child hunger by providing plant-based meals and nutrition education to people in need. Organizations like this who help humans while not exploiting animals and the earth help move us towards a more compassionate, vegan world.

Supporting each other

Social justice movements are stronger when individuals band together

The vegan movement is indeed a social justice movement.

We seek justice by letting people see the truth—animals are feeling, trusting, and thinking living beings.

They deserve to live a life free from cages or tanks, free from being subjects of human entertainment, torture, and consumption.

We seek justice for:

The calves ripped from their mothers’ breasts the moment they were born.

The cows sexually assaulted and impregnated despite their young and frail body, years after years, until they can no longer produce milk.

The male chicks ground up alive the moment they were hatched.

All poultry animals, bred and born in horrible circumstances and slaughtered for food.

The planet for massive greenhouse emissions that animal agriculture contributes to global warming.

The global poor for the land, water, and grains that were taken from them just to feed and raise animals in farms.

Marine life kidnapped from their families in the wild just to be stored in tanks for entertainment.

The wild animals tortured and trained for circuses and tourist rides.

Submissive animals skinned alive for fur, clothing, and leather.

Humans caught up in horrible working conditions of torturing animals and processing their body parts just to bring food to their own tables.

Every human being—from previous generations and the next, for being lied to by corporate marketers and advertisers about their products… the ones that we see everywhere, every single day, captivating our subconscious.

So much more.

You see, this justice that we vegans seek does not really require imprisonment or fines… if we band together and stop supporting the exploitation of animals and stop neglecting the sustainability of this planet. If we all go vegan… justice will be served.


It can be hard and a bit frustrating—however, we should always look at the bright side. The vegan movement is well underway.

Gather your vegan tribe and grow your vegan community in every way that you can. You may not hear it but the animals will thank you a million-fold. You may not see it but the Earth is smiling at you.

No matter how small, what you do will matter.

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