This document outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership between Vegan Card and the card holder (You).


By purchasing a Vegan Card, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure you have read them carefully.


If you have any questions, please contact


a. The Vegan Card gives you access to the discounts or benefits offered by the organisations listed under the Directory page on this website. Please note that a business may stop being a Vegan Card discounter at any time and without notice, and that a discount or benefit offered by a business may change any time without notice. New businesses may also be added as the scope of the Vegan Card expands. Please check this website and the Directory page regularly for up-to-date information about participating businesses and discounts or benefits offered to Vegan Card holders.
b. The Vegan Card is valid for a 12-month period commencing at the beginning of each financial year (1 July). Cards purchased later than 1 July will still expire at the end of the financial year (30 June)
c. Pro-rata costs apply to Cards purchased after July 1. Up to the 20th of each month, the cost of the Card includes the full month
d. The Vegan Card is non-refundable.


a. Vegan Card cannot guarantee that all businesses are totally vegan, and advises You to check all products and ingredients before purchasing.
b. It is your responsibility to review the Vegan Card Directory thoroughly and become familiar with each business’s particular offer and terms before purchase.
c. For in-store discounts you must present the Vegan Card at the time of ordering.
d. The Vegan Card is for your personal use only and is not applicable to groups, nor transferable. If you lose your card, please contact to arrange a replacement card. Charges will apply.
f. Vegan Card will collect your personal information for the following purposes:
i. To post The Vegan Card to your nominated address
ii. To confirm that anyone using the online promotional code is a valid Vegan Card holder – for this reason we will share your details with all participating businesses on their request
iii. To notify you of updates and changes.
g. Upon purchase of the Vegan Card it is your responsibility to ensure that you have supplied the correct postal address. Vegan Card is not responsible for checking that your details are correct.
i. Vegan Card do not take responsibility for the safety of your card. If you do not receive it, it is your responsibility to pay for a replacement. You can have your Vegan Card be sent by Registered Post at your expense if you would like to sign for collection.