26 June 2016

Wow, what a trip! If anyone had told me a year ago that I’d be running a business and holding down a full-time job, I would have scoffed. Yet, here I am. I didn’t realise how much work it would be. There has been a lot to do in the last couple of months, and there is still quite a bit to come, but everything is working as it should.


It’s an exciting time to be vegan – also a sad one. For every great step forward there seem to be two backwards, but the world still holds wonder and beauty and I have hope that things will continue to improve for the animals and the world.


The Vegan Card arose out of a desire to help more vegan businesses achieve success, and to connect them with their potential customers, and of course it’s not just aimed at vegans. All the products and services involved hold equally as much appeal for non-vegans. Who doesn’t love a discount on great food, fabulous products, and useful services?


I hope you’ll enjoy the new Vegan Card as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. Keep your eye on the Facebook page and Directory to watch as more and more fabulous businesses join our community.

1 January 2017

Spotlight on…

Vegan Card’s first sponsor:
THE-V-SPOT– Fashion with a Heart
THE-V-SPOT is an online destination for the fashion ‘conscience’, offering the very best in ethical fashion – apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories – and eco beauty – skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrance.

Their fashion collections consist of classic pieces that are timeless, transeasonal and functional, using organic and/or sustainable fabrics and materials, and eco and ethical manufacturing practices. Their beauty lines focus on raw, organic, and/or unprocessed, all-natural, pure ingredients with no toxic chemicals, synthetics and cheap fillers. Most of the thoughtfully curated products are handcrafted and all are produced in small batches.

Each product line is proudly vegan, cruelty-free, ethically made, environmentally friendly, and supportive of small business and indie designers. Think: righteous meets remarkable!

THE-V-SPOT’s founder, Jannifer Black, has been a committed vegan for well over 20 years (and a 4th generation vegetarian). Her aim is simple: bring together a complete fashion and beauty range for women, men and children, proving cruelty-free is nothing short of fabulous! Kind and caring IS sexy!

For fabulous fashion and beauty with a heart, please visit THE-V-SPOT website, and as a Vegan Card member, enjoy 10% off all product purchases (excluding sale items). Use your Discount Code at checkout!

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The V Spot

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